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Once Cadiz Digital has supplied the download service providers with the content it also helps in the marketing of the key new releases.

Cadiz Digital will present key releases to the DSPs. The aim of this is usually to get some kind of featuring on the download service providers' sites. And featuring will mean increased visibilty which, in turn, will hopefully result in increased sales. The more additional CDs (can be CDRs) the more effective the presenting tends to be. Two CDs are needed to process the content and then it is recommended that five extra CDs should be supplied with key new releases. Supply of relevant sales information is also vital. Indeed key activity (such as tour information) should be provided to Cadiz Digital, even after release date, which is then passed on to the DSPs.

Cadiz Digital can arrange campaigns, usually price drop lead, with the DSPs.

There are ways of driving customers to the releases on online sites other than featuring or campaigns. Cadiz Digital can coordinate setting up of extrnal websites, or "text to buy" offers, internet marketing, press or TV advertising, etc.. All these marketing tools incur extra costs, however.


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Tristan Mackay featured on iTunes

Battlefield Band featured on iTunes

Eugene Bridges featured on iTunes