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There are a few simple stages to complete in order for Cadiz Digital to start distributing your releases.

Firstly, a contract needs to be agreed and signed by both parties. To request a contract by email click here.

Once the agreement is in place, Cadiz Digital needs audio, artwork and metadata in order to commence uploading.

Metadata is simply the data that describes the content that is on each release, for example information like artist name and release date. A metadata form will be emailed once the contract is completed. This takes the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Each track supplied needs a separate line entry in this spreadsheet. Cadiz Digital is always available to provide support and advice in filling in the metadata form. Cadiz Digital can also help by completing the metadata form itself, though information will still need to be provided by the label in order to be able to do this. They may be a small charge levied, in certain circumstances, for the extra work that this would entail.

Each digital release (album, single, ep, etc) needs a barcode. If your release does not have a barcode then one will need to be obtained. GS1 issues barcodes in the UK. There is a yearly membership charge to join GS1 and you need to join to be able to issue your own barcodes. GS1 can be contacted on 020 7092 3500, or by email or via Cadiz Digital can also supply barcodes but there is a charge of £12 per barcode.

Each track requires an ISRC. In a similar way that a barcode identifies a release, an ISRC is a unique identifier for a track. More information on ISRCs can be found at It is straightforward to be able to assign your own ISRCs - you simply need to contact PPL on 020 7534 1000, or email or via If this method does not work for you then Cadiz Digital can assign its own ISRCs to your tracks for free though these will not be registered with PPL which can negatively affect successfully registering with the UK charts and receiving mechnical payments. Using Cadiz Digital's ISRCs will not affect sales via download service providers or receiving the full revenue then due in any way.

Once the agreement is in place and the assets are successsfully received Cadiz Digital uploads your releases to the download service providers. The standard lead time from receipt of all the assets to releases appearing live on the download service providers' stores is four to six weeks. In exceptional circumstances, however, releases can be made live in two weeks.